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CKT tank-fermenters

Today, almost the entire process of wort fermentation and beer maturation in breweries takes place in tank-fermenters. This method consists of vertically positioning a cylindrical tank ending in a cone at the bottom and covered with a spun lid at the top. CKT tanks are equipped with multi-section cooling systems that allow for effective temperature control and controlled sedimentation of yeast during the fermentation process.

It is important that the conical part of the tank has perfect smoothness to prevent the deposition of microorganisms that can interfere with fermentation. Measuring devices, for example, such as temperature sensors, pressure indicators, filling level indicators, also play a huge role here.

The multi-section cooling jackets are made using laser welding technology, which guarantees reliability and repeatability – the multi-section cooling system allows for a repeatable fermentation process. Fermentation in CKT tanks has only pluses, providing biological safety, reduced fermentation time, less beer loss, ease of cleaning and also the ability to control the temperature of the fermentation process.

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