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Offer - Wine

The Moeschle company comes from an area with a wine tradition that has been continuously cultivated for 2,000 years. From the very beginning, the wine industry has been at the heart of our business, so we have a very rich experience in this field.

Wine tanks manufactured by us are ideal for storing a variety of wines and fruit pulp. Stainless steel is reliable in this industry because it is characterized by resistance to fruit acids, is easy to clean and also neutral in taste, which means that the products stored in our tanks do not lose their taste.

We can offer not only large assemblies of tanks for fermentation and aging, but also individual, smaller tanks, useful for small wineries starting out. We offer tanks for any type of wine: white, red, rosé, sparkling.

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Standardized tank for low-volume beer or wine production

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Pressure vessels for champagne production

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Aging and maturation tanks

Process flow

Przebieg procesu dla wina czerwonego

We carry out complex turnkey projects

Extensive experience, careful selection and control of materials, and constant supervision of production are factors in the success of our projects

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