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Offer - Fruit and vegetable processing - NFC juices

Consumer interest in fresh juices has increased in recent years, resulting in a huge demand for aseptic production lines and warehouses. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can offer tanks and complete production lines with full automation and control of the entire process such as washing of plants and facilities, cold sterilization, hot sterilization with steam, filling and emptying of tanks, up to sterile filling of packages or tanks.

Proof of our capabilities is the fact that over the past 15 years we have produced tanks with a total capacity of about 250 million liters for the fruit juice industry alone. The facilities we create help our Recipients to be at the forefront of juice production, and to become unrivaled in terms of flexibility, efficiency and, above all, quality of NFC juices and beverages.

NFC asepktyka kze prev

KZE aseptic tanks

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Process vessels

Process flow

Proces soki nfc

We carry out complex turnkey projects

Extensive experience, careful selection and control of materials, and constant supervision of production are factors in the success of our projects

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