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We would like to inform you that Moeschle Polska has received funding for the Project entitled “Implementation of design strategy activities as an element of building the competitive position of Moeschle Polska Sp. z o.o.” implemented within the framework of the Operational Programme Eastern Poland 2014-2020, Measure 1.4 Design for competition Stage II (grant agreement number: POPW.01.04.00-18-0066/20).

Project description

The subject of the Moeschle Polska project is the design and implementation of innovative products to the company’s offer, which are the result of cooperation with industrial design designers and are the consequence of actions recommended in the Design Strategy developed under Stage I of Measure 1.4. POPW . The main objective of the project is to increase the competitiveness of the company through the implementation of product, process and marketing innovation based on design and realizing the identified needs of the target group.

Planned effects:

  1. To carry out a professional process related to the design and implementation of the company’s new products on the market, thanks to which Moeschle Polska will acquire new customers, strengthen its position on the market.
  2. achieve high competitiveness of offered products due to unique design and adaptation of utility functions to users’ expectations and market trends;
  3. Improve external communication, corporate image and increase brand recognition of Moeschle as a tank manufacturer;
  4. An increase in the ability to use design to further develop the company’s products and build the MOESCHLE brand.


Project value: PLN 2,614,980

European funds contribution: PLN 1,246,600
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