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Perfection in stainless steel

We are a leader in the production of stainless steel tanks, production lines, specialized apparatus and equipment for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and many other industries.


Process and storage solutions for the wine industry

Fruit and vegetable processing - NFC juices

Process and storage solutions for NFC juice production

Processing of fruits and vegetables - concentrates

Process and storage solutions for fruit or vegetable concentrate production

Construction of stationary large-scale tanks

Moeschle Mobile Factory gives you the opportunity to build large capacity tanks

Pharmacy and cosmetics

Process and storage solutions for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries

Chemical and petrochemical

Process and storage solutions for chemicals and petrochemicals


Process and storage solutions for the dairy industry


Storage and process tanks for oil production

Loose materials

Storage tanks for bulk materials

Other services

Individually designed solutions according to customer requirements


Process and storage solutions for the brewing industry

Moeschle - Mobile Factory

Technical capabilities allow our factory to build tanks as high as 24 m and with a capacity of up to approx. 300 000 l. However, this is not the end of our possibilities.

Unique Moeschle Mobile Factory allows for stationary construction at the customer’s site of large-scale tanks with capacities of up to 3 million liters!

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The Moeschle Group comprises two manufacturing and development companies: Ernst Möschle Behälterbau GmbH, headquartered in Ortenberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, in existence since 1970, and Moeschle Polska Sp. z o.o., headquartered in Dynów, Subcarpathian province, established in 2002. In addition, there are Moeschle representative offices and sales offices in the UK, Lithuania and Ukraine.

As a result, Moeschle-branded products are everywhere and always easily accessible. Throughout its 46-year history, the Moeschle brand has become a symbol of quality and reliability recognized not only in Europe: our products can also be found in the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

We carry out complex turnkey projects

Extensive experience, careful selection and control of materials, and constant supervision of production are factors in the success of our projects

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